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Three License Types Available:
1) $15 Personal License: 1 Horse Record
2) $39 Home License: Restricted to 6 Horse records  
3) $89 Business License: Unlimited Horse Records

Upgrading licenses can be done at any time as your needs change.

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      ( Best Value! )
Unlimited Horse Records $89.00
Ristricted to 6 Horse Records   $39.00

Ristricted to 1 Horse Records   $15.00

Satisfied Customer: Mihu
"I am currently running my barn from across the country via the internet and my barn manager.  This program will help make that process much easier. 
Again, thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to the other barns in my area." 

Satisfied Customer: Bryan Hanson
"I have been looking at several software programs of this type and like yours the best"

Satisfied Customer: Colleen Rolland
"I would like to upgrade my Visual Horse software to a Home License.  I have been using your product for approximately 2 years and LOVE it!"